Coral Springs holds annual holiday parade

A truck with inflatables on the roof drives past the sea bystanders on the street. Businesses who wanted to be in the parade were able to advertise decorating their company trucks.

Anna Horowitz, News Editor

The annual Coral Springs Holiday Parade occurred on Wednesday, Dec. 14, with the theme “March of the Toys.” People gathered to celebrate the community and city of Coral Springs during the holidays. Hundreds of thousands of city residents and those from around the area stood on the street, leaning on barriers and sitting on the sidewalk to get a view of the participants.

The event traveled down Sample Road, beginning at Coral Springs Drive and ending at the Coral Springs City Hall. The city blocked roads off at 5 p.m. to prepare for the floats, officially beginning at 7 p.m. and ending around 9 p.m.

Onlookers stand on the sidewalk and along the street, sitting in foldable chairs or opting to sit on blankets. People are dressed in holiday wear, wacky hats, and light up accessories. Many go to just watch the parade and get together with friends, but there are also those who go to cheer on family and friends in the parade.

“I went here to support my daughter, who is in the color guard, for [Marjory] Stoneman Douglas High School,” parade attendee Louise Kleinfeld said.

Kleinfeld and many other proud families cheered as their kids and friends passed by, supporting their causes.

Every year, businesses and non-profit organizations participate in float-building and enter the competition. Before the cavalcade, judges pass by floats and score based on relation to the theme, creativity, and how they followed the rules. This year, Saint Andrew Catholic Church was awarded the first place award, called the Mayor’s Cup. Capo Capoeira won second place, the Vice Mayor’s Cup.

Not only do firms participate in the celebration; local schools partake in the parade as well. This year, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School sent over the Eagle Regiment, containing the MSD band and color guard, to help light the streets.

“It’s really fun performing here,” Eagle Regiment tenor saxophone player and junior Jennifer Scheckowitz said. “You get to see all the other floats go by and you can see all the middle school bands.”

The Eagle Regiment has been participating in the parade for multiple years, and this year performed alongside many other bands. The color guard held the banner up, with the band playing familiar tunes such as ABBA’s Dancing Queen. The dancers carried prop boxes, dancing and swinging around presents in sync, walking in front of the flag twirlers.

There were more than just the Eagle Regiment present from MSD. Key Club was present in their own section, and JROTC marched side by side.

“It was fun but really long since we were the last group to go,” junior and JROTC officer Riley Anders said. “But I’m glad I was able to participate.”

Similar to last year’s parade, it ended with the ever-infamous Mr. and Mrs. Claus upon a vibrant red fire truck. As the truck approached the start of North University Drive and the last of the floats were off the road; police, staff, and volunteers helped disassemble the stands and barriers.

“It was a lot of fun because everybody looked like they were enjoying themselves,” Kleinfeld said. “It’s just a nice way for everyone to get together and have fun and celebrate the holidays.”

Though the journey from the start to finish was long, participants and bystanders alike were left with smiles on their faces.