Food serves as a mood-booster to MSD students


Grace Brill

Food is an important part of the lives of people around the world. Food unites people and can provide comfort.

Kate Becker, Senior News Editor

Food is something that strikes a feeling in everyone. After a long, terrible day, one dish could be the reason you don’t feel so down anymore. Depending on how you are raised, those dishes could be deeply rooted in your family history, ethnicity and culture.

Others find joy in making food. Baking or cooking can serve as an escape for some people while feeding their passion to create something new.

Food serves as a medium for expression. While Pinterest used to be the main platform that chefs used to share their recipes online, apps like TikTok are quickly becoming a hot spot for new food ideas or classic dishes that we all know and love.

We don’t want to make this too complicated… everyone loves food. At MSD, students find comfort, inspiration and relish–don’t mind the pun–in food.

This story was originally published in the February 2023 Eagle Eye print edition.