[Opinion] Students should be more appreciative of their teachers


Mariapaz Santacoloma

Students can show the ways they appreciate their teachers by performing simple task on their daily basis.

Mariana Neri Sapori, Writer

The people who are going to guide you to your future are your teachers, so it is important that you listen and pay attention to them. They dedicate their time and expertise to help students develop important skills. Make sure to consider your teacher’s feelings and show them gratitude because they are willingly there to help you as a student.

One way that students disregard the feelings of their teachers is by skipping class. They may not understand how harmful this can be to teachers’ self-esteem. Teachers’ hard work to get students to engage in the classroom is wasted when students are not appreciative of their teachers.

The student is not only missing a likely important lesson, but also potentially upsetting the teacher if they find out. A teacher’s purpose is to share their knowledge with students and if students are absent, they are unable to do that.

Another issue that is disrespectful to teachers is excessive talking over teachers who continuously ask to not be interrupted but still are, especially if it’s an inappropriate or irrelevant subject. For example, talking to a friend while class is on-going.

In more extreme situations, if a student is caught doing something they are not supposed to be doing, such as cheating, teachers will be forced to give disciplinary actions.

While these issues may still stand, there are many solutions to ways students can be more appreciative of their teachers. One way is to say a simple “thank you” or “have a good day” at the end of class. Even if it seems small, it can make a big difference in the mood of your teacher and may even make their day better.

You can also show kindness and interest in a subject that your teacher is currently teaching. Showing an effort to pay attention in lectures and raising your hand to ask questions demonstrates to teachers that their student is actively trying to learn. This not only builds a stronger relationship between the teacher and the student itself, but it can also enhance the passion the teacher has for their job.

Another way of showing appreciation towards the faculty could be to give small gifts to some of your favorite teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week, which takes place from May 7 to 13. This week is all about the gifting and recognition of a teacher’s good qualities throughout the semester. It is not necessary to participate, but even something very small like chocolates or a card could lighten up somebody’s day, especially a hardworking teacher that would enjoy being recognized for their efforts.

Teachers want to see their students succeed in the future, so it is crucial to make even a minimal attempt to show respect to a teacher even if they are not favored by the student. Ask questions, give small compliments and display patience because they are humans as well and can make mistakes at certain times.

Respect is a key factor in building and maintaining positive relationships, promoting understanding and fostering an inclusive society. Talking over a teacher while lecturing, eating in class when you are not supposed to and leaving or skipping class shows disrespect towards teachers.

For the purpose of the learning environment, showing teachers respect is essential. Teachers are here for your service, so show kindness and gratitude as they help you pursue your education.