MSD women’s lacrosse dominates against Wellington High School in last home game of the season

Attacker Stephanie Bilsky (25) passes the ball to fellow teammates to help the Eagles in an attempt to score a goal. Bilsky contributed to her team both on offense as an attacker and defense as a midfielder. The Eagles were able to defeat Wellington High School with a final score of 16-12.

Rebekah Sasser, Photographer

Monday, March 27, kicked off the last home game for the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School women’s varsity lacrosse game against Wellington Community High School.

Entering the game, the Eagles were looking to close out their last home game with a win and add to their winning record. Wellington was looking to come to MSD and beat the Eagles on their turf, especially because the Eagles did so in the previous season.

“We really wanted to keep up our win streak and go from seven to eight wins and improve our record from 8-2 to 9-2,” midfielder Gracyn Haynes (2) said.

Starting off the half MSD took control on the first face off to take the ball down field towards their goal. The Eagles quickly showed their dominance with the first goal made by attacker Taylor McGovern (4) while the opposing team struggled to score.

As the half progressed, both teams seemed strong and put up their best player in order to give them the best chance at success. Halfway through, the teams had become tired, stuck at a standstill of 5-5. Both teams at this point were ready to jump at the chance to earn a point for their team.
At this point, Haynes sprinted down the field after successfully retrieving the ball from the other team and ran past Wellington’s defense to score. After that, McGovern kept her energy high as she received the ball right inside Wellington’s territory, shooting to earn another point for her team.

The Eagles did not waste any time and hurriedly gained multiple back to back points. Wellington kept up with MSD and was able to close out the half with a score of 9-8 in favor of the Eagles.

“I am proud of my team and all their hard work thus far into the game,” keeper Addison Sacks (55) said. “I think we just need to keep up with our defense in order to win the game.”

MSD came into the second half with confidence as the offensive side hustled down the field with determination. Their defense remained strong and did their best in not letting Wellington’s fast players pass.

The Eagles quickly took control of this half, continuously scoring and blocking the other team out, not giving up any opportunities. MSD was able to get the score to a favorable 10-12 in favor of MSD by the middle to the second half.

Wellington turned the tides though when they took control scoring back to back points which gave the lead. The Eagles came back and dominated the rest of the half not letting up on their defense and finally ended the game with the final score coming out to 16-12 in favor of the Eagles.

The Eagles look towards their final three games of the season, all being away against Cardinal Newman High School, King’s Academy and Plantation High School.