Letter to the Editor: MSD needs to manage capacity crisis


Julia Landy

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Dear Editor,

Our school has about 300 more students than it has capacity for. Many of my classes are crowded and that limits how students learn. In my Algebra 2 Honors class, there are more than 35 students, which makes me feel a lot like a number. In my Advanced Placement class, another 30 or so students are squeezed into the tight classroom, making it challenging to ask questions and participate in discussions. My friends who attend private school in Texas have 10-14 students per class. That is roughly 20 less students than in many of my Stoneman Douglas classes. So what can be done? Construct another building? Change the boundary of the school to send more students elsewhere? These are all issues public officials are discussing. I just hope they move faster to make some decisions because my classes are fast and challenging and I want to learn in a less crowded environment. I shouldn’t have to compete with others in my classes to get our teachers’ attention. And I shouldn’t have to sit so close to others while COVID is still with us. Let’s figure this out very soon so more students don’t have to suffer.


Submitted by Josh Fooksman, 10.