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COVID-19 has affected students' sleep schedules in a seemingly positive way. With more flexible schedules, students have found that they are getting more sleep. Photo by Fenthon Aristhomene

Students experience changes in their sleep schedules during quarantine

From closing down shops and malls to making individuals wear gloves and masks when they leave the house, COVID-19 has affected society in various ways. For many students, the pandemic has allowed them to catch up on their recommended eight hours of sleep.  Sleep is […]

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Sophomore Alishba Hashmi is the founder of the Muslim Student Association at MSD. Photo by Darian Williams

New Muslim Student Association launches at MSD

A new club is making its way onto the MSD club roster for 2019: the Muslim Student Association. Sophomore Alishba Hashmi petitioned for this club to become established in December of last school year. Hashmi gathered over 100 signatures and attended an ICC meeting before […]

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