New Muslim Student Association launches at MSD


Sophomore Alishba Hashmi is the founder of the Muslim Student Association at MSD. Photo by Darian Williams

Ashley Ferrer, Editor-in-Chief

A new club is making its way onto the MSD club roster for 2019: the Muslim Student Association. Sophomore Alishba Hashmi petitioned for this club to become established in December of last school year.

Hashmi gathered over 100 signatures and attended an ICC meeting before pitching her club idea. It was approved at the next meeting.

Hashmi proposed the club in hopes of connecting the Muslim and non-Muslim communities at school.

“I noticed that a lot of students had questions about Islam,” Hashmi said. “This club can give them the opportunity to seek out any answers they are looking for.”

Sophomore Anisah Steele plans to join the club and diffuse any misconceptions about the Muslim faith.

“There is First Priority for Christians, but nothing for Muslims. A lot of people have a stigma towards Muslims, so this club can bring light to our faith,” Steele said.

The club will also provide a setting where Muslim students can connect with one another and discuss topics regarding the faith. 

“I felt that the school needed this type of connection that was not so readily available in other clubs,” Hashmi said.

The club will mostly consist of planning projects and activities to get the school involved with the Muslim community, as well as group discussions.

Hashmi is in the process of planning community service projects once the club begins. Some of the service projects include beach cleanups, fundraising activities and a partnership with Project Downtown in feeding the homeless.

“This club will impact the school in a positive way,” Hashmi said. “It will help connect the overall community through the many service projects planned.”

The Muslim Student Association will be open to anyone who wants to join regardless of their cultural or religious background.

Junior Serinah John is joining this club in order to support her friend, the founder, and learn more about other cultures.

“I believe that studying different religions is very interesting. It is important to know about different beliefs,” John said.

After a long search for an advisor, AP World Geography teacher Carla Verba was volunteered to be the club sponsor.