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[Brief] Men’s basketball team prevails against rival J.P. Taravella High School

On Jan. 15, the men’s varsity basketball team went up against the J.P. Taravella High School Trojans. The final score of the game was 77-69. The Eagles ended up getting the win and defeating the Trojans. The Eagles were outscored in the first quarter, but came out strong in every other quarter and dominated. “We did a really good job […]

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Graphic by Nyan Clarke

Students debate whether the school system restricts or encourages development of creativity

The imagination of a child knows no bounds. Whether it includes carelessly finger painting a canvas with a rainbow of colors, building a Lego tower so tall and believing it is a skyscraper, or playing on a swing set and feeling only a short distance away from the sun and moon, the creative times of childhood gradually fade by the […]

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Photo by Nyan Clarke, graphics by Darian Williams

2018 marks monumental strides and conflict over the prominence of sexual violence in the U.S.

An age-old power struggle, a form of oppression that transcends every race and class, a timeless form of terrorism. There are infinitely many ways to describe sexual violence, as it haunts men and women from every generation and culture. From Hollywood to Washington, D.C., to college campuses and our own backyards, society is quick to taboo the idea of sexual […]

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Senior Julie Piedra demonstrates her artistic skills by applying junior Nicole Wolfe’s makeup. Piedra found her passion as a makeup artist in the seventh grade. Portrait by Nyan Clarke

Senior Julie Piedra uses makeup as an outlet for creativity

After years of painting, senior Julie Piedra found her passion as a seventh grader, using her blending brushes and eyeshadow palettes to decorate a new kind of canvas: her face. Once she began displaying her talents, Piedra would receive compliments and suggestions encircling her newfound gift. Encouraged by the constant praise, Piedra started doing makeup for friends and peers, who […]

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Junior Marisol Garrido expresses herself through performance poetry

Junior Marisol Garrido expresses herself through performance poetry

On an illuminated stage at 14 years old, junior Marisol Garrido had finally found a way to transform her spoken words into a masterful display of her dreams, passions and all the emotions she had never been able to relay before. From the subtle snapping at open-mics to tireless writing sessions, Garrido has found both a safe space and a […]

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Junior Austin Roy freestyles rap songs for his Soundcloud account. Portrait by Nyan Clarke

Junior Austin Roy expresses his creative side on SoundCloud

Every high school student has an individual passion for something. Whether it’s a club, organization or talent, students have ways to express themselves. In junior Austin Roy’s case, his passion is rapping. Through the streaming platform SoundCloud, Roy has released multiple tracks and albums, which explain and explore his feelings and thoughts. He has used SoundCloud as a creative outlet […]

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Portraits by Nyan Clarke

Junior Bailee Paul uses her artistic talents to enhance graduation caps

When using the word entrepreneur, most people usually think of someone in their 20s or early 30s. That is not the case when it comes to Bailee Paul, a 17-year-old junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who started her own graduation cap decoration business called Caps Off. “I have been designing caps for less than a year; I started […]

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Senior Farrah Nickerson holds her breeding male hedgehog, Sopranino, on a walk around the city. Portraits by Nyan Clarke

Senior Farrah Nickerson shows entrepreneurship with her hedgehog breeding business

When senior Farrah Nickerson first got her hedgehog Jordi, she never expected that in a year’s time, she would be owning and running her own hedgehog breeding and selling business. Today though, she is the proud owner of JoJo’s Hedgies, a student-run hedgehog breeding company that now breeds nearly 60 hedgehogs. This company has been growing since its conception three […]

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Senior Isabella Pfeiffer paints a mural for Astronomy Club in Marjory’s Garden on Dec. 19. Photo by Nyan Clarke

Senior Isabella Pfeiffer channels her creative energy into her art

For senior Isabella Pfeiffer, art is so much more than a simple pastime. What started as an activity to bond with her mother, who is also an artist, transformed into a passion that continuously allows her to express herself, her culture and her aspirations through painting and sculpture. Pfeiffer’s fascination took off with a painting depicting dancers from numerous Hispanic […]

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Senior Cameron Leonardi practices his clarinet, in hopes of pursuing music professionally. Leonardi started playing instruments in middle school and has continued in high school, competing in county and state competitions. Photo Illustration by Nyan Clarke

Senior Cameron Leonardi follows his dream to perform in professional orchestra

When he attended Westglades Middle School, Cameron Leonardi did not anticipate that a simple elective choice would lead to his life’s passion: music. Now a senior, Leonardi is hoping his years of practice will kickstart his musical journey in college, as he works to transform his hobby into a career. “My favorite part [of playing] would be performing,” Leonardi said. […]

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