[Review] DailyBean: A new take on digital journaling


Lilly Citrin

New app called DailyBean. The cute logo is just like the app, simple. It allows for it’s users to track their emotions and activities each day using adorable icons.

Lilly Citrin, Writer

In March 2021, a new app was released in the U.S. called the DailyBean. The app brings transformers the idea of our journaling by bringing it digital. The lifestyle app has recently been ranked #125 in its category.

In the DailyBean, app users will get to track their mood for each day by logging it into the app. Users have the option to pick from five different beans to track their emotions for the day. Each bean represents a different emotion: ecstatic, happy, indifferent, slightly sad and devastated. Users will pick the bean to represent how they are feeling and mark it on the calendar built within the app.

The app also offers several specific icons in addition to the beans. When a user first downloads the app, they can pick from 13 specific events or topics they want to track. The options are as follows: emotion, social, weather, meal, hobbies, health event, others, romance, school, work, chores and beauty. When documenting each day, the user will be able to input something for each of the previously listed topics or events.

The app will also, if allowed, send users a notification to remind them to document their emotion for the day. It can also remind them of any reminders that were entered into the app. Student users can enter in homework due dates or test dates to ensure they do not forget.

Though, not all the perks that are equipped in this app come for free. When the app is first downloaded, the user is given a seven day free period where they can experience everything that comes with the premium version. At the end of the seven day grace period, users will no longer be ad-free and they can not receive in-depth reports of their month and moods. They also will not be allowed to add a theme to their beans. With themes, your beans change their shape.

With the free version the beans that are used to document a user’s emotions are simple circles with expressions to represent a mood. The premium experience comes with the ability to apply a theme to your beans such as a cactus, blushing, sprout, kitty and more. They are also presented with seasonal themes like autumn, summer, spring and winter, as well as holiday themes such as Halloween, birthday, New Years, and Christmas.

To experience these perks, for just a month, users have to pay $1.99. For users to enjoy them for an entire year, they would have to pay $17.99. This annual price equates to $1.50 a month.

DailyBean provides a new and simple version of journaling. It allows its users to journal anywhere they please from their phones. It provides simple symbols and options to make journaling and tracking their emotions, reminders and events easy to follow. This app could be an extremely useful tool for students. It will aid in their punctuality and responsibility. Daily Bean will help decrease the amount of late assignments and student’s forgetfulness.