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Students are constantly viewing colleges on social media sites. Photo by Maria Vera

[Opinion] Colleges should be able to use social media accounts to influence admission decisions

Social media, including Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, requires mature and responsible users in order to make smart decisions and act with respectable behavior. All users need to be fully aware that whatever is posted is seen by everyone forever, whether the post is deleted or […]

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After getting accepted to FSU, senior Gillian Marton puts on Seminole spirited clothing to celebrate.

Broward County leads state FSU acceptances; MSD seniors celebrate acceptances

On Dec. 8, MSD seniors anxiously awaited to hear if they were accepted to Florida State University. Before 7:00 p.m. that night, all prospective students were informed the status of their application. Later, it was revealed that Broward County led state in FSU acceptances.  According to FSU materials, […]

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