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Making an Impact. Co-president of Save What’s Left, Daniel Bishop, empties recycling cans from classrooms into the recycling dumpster at MSD on Thursday, Nov. 14. Save What’s Left collects recycling every second and fourth Thursday after school. “Save What’s Left is an organization that puts the environment first in a world that is constantly trying to destroy it,” Bishop said. “Recycling allows our school to do its part in the work that must be done to better the environment.” Photo by Brianna Jesionowski

Save What’s Left focuses on saving the environment

With a new sponsor, new members and a new attitude, the Save What’s Left club at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is looking to make the campus a more eco-friendly place.  After being less active for the past few years, Save What’s Left is welcoming […]

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Photo illustration by Nyan Clarke

MSD students in the LGBTQ+ community must cope with judgement when expressing themselves

“Straight people have never been negatively affected because they’re straight. They don’t get weird glances when holding hands; they aren’t afraid to be seen and they aren’t treated differently. We are, we do. That’s our reality. People will judge us because of who we love, […]

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Students (left Sarah Mohammed, middle Julia Bishop, right Daniel Bishop)
 hold up their awards after successful competition on Sept. 24.
Photo by Jesus Caro

[Club Profile] MSD Debate team is determined to succeed

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Debate club is an award-winning program that attracts dozens of members each year. The club is run by Jesus Caro, a debate teacher who joined the MSD staff last year. Debate, like several other classes at MSD, is a co-curricular organization […]

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