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Here is Wints' fractured portrait piece, she used graphite pencils for. Photo courtesy of Jaedyn Wint.

March’s Artist of the Month: Jaedyn Wint

Senior Jaedyn Wint has been involved in the art program for all four years of her high school experience. This year, she is a student in the AP 2D studio art class, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Throughout the class, students get to create […]

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The MSD band students performed throughout the MPA contest. Photo courtesy of Ivy Lam.

MSD concert bands perform at District MPA

On Tuesday, March 10, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s Eagle Regiment, which consists of the Concert band, the Symphonic band and the Wind Symphony band, attended the district Music Performance Assessment, which was held in the auditorium at Park Vista High School in Lake Worth, […]

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Here is one of their bowls available for purchase. This includes the cilantro noodles, power beans, balsamic mushrooms, Teriyaki chicken, and the spicy thai sauce. Photo by Delaney Walker.

Bolay opens new location in Coral Springs

On Friday, Feb. 21, Bolay, which is a fresh food restaurant, opened another location in Coral Springs. It is located on Wiles Road in the Royal Eagle Plaza, adjacent to Jeremiah’s and Petco. The chain has several other establishments in West Pembroke Pines, Oviedo and […]

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Dislike buttons are not beneficial towards social media users. Photo by Brianna

Social media should not include a dislike button option

Social media is full of posts and opinions. From graduation photos to posts memorializing those who have passed away, social media has been a platform for users to express opinions and ideas. Whether it is through photos, videos or text, a user’s inner thoughts and […]

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Erika is sitting outside of the art class at Marjory Stoneman Douglas. Photo by Sam Grizelj.

February’s Artist of the Month: Erika Wilczek

Sophomore Erika Wilczek has been creating art for as long as she can remember. She enjoys art in many forms, starting from coloring books at a young age.  Wilczek has been involved in the ceramics class at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School since ninth grade, […]

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High school students are sleep deprived

High school students are sleep deprived

 Throughout high school, students struggle to balance assignments, extracurriculars and clubs, while also preparing themselves for young adulthood. Since all of these extra activities take hours of work and energy, students are required to put in the effort on a daily basis to stay on […]

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Sophomore Andres Barraza poses for a portrait photo. Photo by Sam Grizelj

January’s Athlete of the Month: Andres Barraza

Andres Barraza, a sophomore at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, is a dedicated golf player. Barraza was born in Monterrey, Mexico and moved to Florida at six years old. He first began playing golf with his dad as a weekend activity, but ended up continuing […]

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This is the new hit single's cover photo.

Singer Nova Miller releases“Do it to Myself”

18-year-old Swedish pop singer-songwriter, Nova Miller, recently released a new single “Do it to Myself.” The single recognizes toxic behavior while show-casing Nova’s retro-pop sound. She is determined to become an anti-emo disrupter in the pop world today. The music may be perceived as dark […]

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Students are constantly being blocked from websites throughout the school computers. Photo by Ariana  Perez

Schools should only be able to block certain websites

A school’s job is to educate students and keep them protected throughout the duration of the school day. Many schools, including Broward County schools, block certain websites that may include inappropriate or harmful content for these reasons.  At most points during the school day, teachers […]

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Students are constantly viewing colleges on social media sites. Photo by Maria Vera

Colleges should be able to use social media accounts to influence admission decisions

Social media, including Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, requires mature and responsible users in order to make smart decisions and act with respectable behavior. All users need to be fully aware that whatever is posted is seen by everyone forever, whether the post is deleted or […]

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