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MSD seniors Seth and Jason Klein shave off their hair while in quarantine to try out a new look. Photo by Samantha Goldblum

People try new hairstyles during quarantine

As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many people are staying isolated at home. All this extra free time has led to people trying new things with their appearances. Experimenting with clothing, makeup and even new body workouts are ways to pass time. One […]

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@msdsenior2020 is an Instagram account dedicated to featuring the class of 2020's plans for the future. Photo by Leni Steinhardt

Instagram account @msdseniors2020 provides a platform for seniors to showcase their future plans

Social media is a popular way to interact with others. At this time, many seniors are getting ready to go off to college and some are feeling nervous to go somewhere new with mostly strangers. Three Marjory Stoneman Douglas seniors, who wish to remain anonymous […]

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Shutout win suits MSD varsity hockey well in 4-0 explosion on Boca

A mere 9 days after a passionate 4-2 win for MSD against Boca High at the Ice Den, the two teams would face off again but this time in Lake Worth. This game, played on Sunday, Nov. 24, was a lot less close and a […]

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Horse rider Samantha Goldblum leaps over obstacle on her horse. Photo courtesy of   Samantha Goldblum

[Opinion] Horseback riding should be recognized as a sport

When people think of sports, they tend to think of typical sports such as softball, flag football or basketball. Being told by so many people that the sport they have dedicated their life is not a sport can be extremely aggravating. “All you do is […]

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Photo by Darian Williams

[Opinion] School activities aid in exclusion among teens

When spirit week rolls around, most people are excited to show off their school spirit by dressing up for the specific days with all of their friends, and even more excited at the end of the week for homecoming. What about the students who may […]

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Student holds plants given to MSD faculty to welcome them back for the school year.
Photo by Samantha Goldblum

Eagles’ Haven gifts teachers welcome back plants

On Aug. 21, each teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School received a special delivery bag containing a sansevieria plant, a personalized note of support and a heart-shaped stress ball courtesy of Eagles’ Haven and David Katz, owner of Nature’s Plants.  Katz and his family […]

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