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Current junior valedictorian, Sarah Mohammed

How current class of 2021 valedictorian, Sarah Mohammed, spends her days in quarantine

After the announcement of school closing due to the COVID-19 outbreak, junior Sarah Mohammed, the class of 2021’s current valedictorian, was relieved at first. March can be one of the busiest months for a high school junior due to the pressure to study for college […]

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Students (left Sarah Mohammed, middle Julia Bishop, right Daniel Bishop)
 hold up their awards after successful competition on Sept. 24.
Photo by Jesus Caro

[Club Profile] MSD Debate team is determined to succeed

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Debate club is an award-winning program that attracts dozens of members each year. The club is run by Jesus Caro, a debate teacher who joined the MSD staff last year. Debate, like several other classes at MSD, is a co-curricular organization […]

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