Key Club hosts a week-long event to promote community service

Anayiris Guzman

Key Club is a very large organization at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where students show leadership and build character by performing various acts of services. Being in Key Club comes with great responsibility and commitment to help the community. Members have the opportunity to grow as individuals and are inspired to develop the heart to serve. 

“Key Club week is a week where we stop to celebrate and consider all the amazing things that we as a club do. We want to be sure that all of our members reach out to one another and do an act of kindness or a small act of service that isn’t necessarily part of a planned activity, but the chance to remind them that we really are about having a caring and serving heart,” Key Club Sponsor Laurie Edgar said. 

All around the world, students are participating in Key Club week to promote their club spirit. Members strive to make a positive impact on the school and show the importance of the club. From Monday, Nov. 4 to Friday, Nov. 8, students are encouraged to complete a specific good deed each day. In return, each member will receive a half-hour towards their required club hours.

“I feel that Key Club week is very integral in our club because it keeps our members engaged and spreads awareness of Key Club to others around the school. Through Key Club week, we endeavor to input the core values caring, service, and fun,” Key Club Vice President Joshua Erched said. 

On Monday, students wore their Key Club shirt and texted a picture of it or posted it on social media to ensure that they participated in the activity. On Tuesday, members created thank you cards for the club’s sponsor, Edgar. On Wednesday, members sent in a picture of them doing a good deed for each other. For Thursday, members went to Edgar’s room at 7:15 a.m. to write an inspirational note, which they then hung up on a banner. To conclude Key Club week, members had the task of spelling out “KEY” with their friends on Friday and texted an image to one of the club’s officers.

“Key Club week was to unite all of the key clubbers while also providing service, such as writing thank you cards to our amazing advisor. I definitely wish more students would participate but I loved getting to meet the members who did participate and seeing them around the school when they wore their key club shirts,” Key Club President Rachel Nattis said.

This week-long event gave students the opportunity to represent the club and what it means to be a member. Members spread awareness for the club and showed different acts of kindness and service to benefit the community. They learned about teamwork and pride gained by helping others. The club continuously strives to prepare members to become helpful community members.