Faith Hartwig wins the title of ‘Best In Category’ for painting at Broward All Stars Exhibition


Sophomore Faith Hartwig shows off the portrait she won with at the Broward All Stars Exhibition. Photo courtesy of Faith Hartwig

Ivy Lam, Senior Feature Editor

The Broward All Star Exhibition was an art competition for Broward County high school students. Categories offered included photography, paintings and sculptures. The art competition was an opportunity for students to show off their artwork.

“I wasn’t going to sign up originally because I thought it would be a waste of time,” Hartwig said. “[But] then I thought why not? What if someone [from] Broward likes my art, maybe there’s just something that I’m not aware of that could happen. And then I got to the finals and I was really surprised.”

Hartwig began her journey ever since she’s had art supplies in front of her. Between third and fourth grade, her favorite thing to do was to create art. Additionally, she constantly uses art’s freedom of expression when sketching a variety of personal pieces.

“[I got into art] ever since I had a set of crayons in front of me. But I took it more seriously in fourth grade and started drawing digitally, painting, drawing and coloring with markers. And then, I took art class in high school and middle school. And that’s when it just started,” Hartwig said.

Hartwig channeled herself and her emotions into her artwork. All of her art projects originated from her own life, thoughts and ideas.

“I had a lot of people doubting me, and I even doubted myself. And I always got upset if I didn’t like an art piece that I created so I’d try and make one better. And that’s a really big motivator,” Hartwig said.

Friends and family of Hartwig were very proud of her achievement. They were very supportive and never doubted her artwork, especially art teacher Jacquelene Lieberman who introduced and encouraged Hartwig to participate in the art exhibition.

Faith is a very dedicated student who enjoys using oil paint, which is a very hard medium to handle. Her work was viewed by professors and to be chosen just to exhibit is a very big honor and to be chosen Best In Category is very exceptional,” art teacher Jacquelene Lieberman said. “I’m very proud of the work that she’s done and I’m very proud she was recognized.”

In the Broward All Stars Exhibition, Hartwig entered an oil portrait of a young woman. Her inspiration for the character came from model Louise Follain on Instagram.

“My inspiration [for the painting] was my own self doubt, I’ve always been my worst critic and I’m always trying to excel in my art,” Hartwig said.

As a result of being rewarded “Best In Category” in Painting at the Broward All Stars Exhibition, Hartwig received a certificate and a basket filled with art supplies to further her endeavors as an artist.

Throughout her experience as an artist, Hartwig utilized her own attributes to support her artwork. She hopes to pursue a career in art, specifically digital art, making designs and logos for companies, or animation.