Schools should only be able to block certain websites


Students are constantly being blocked from websites throughout the school computers. Photo by Ariana Perez

Delaney Walker, Social media editor

A school’s job is to educate students and keep them protected throughout the duration of the school day. Many schools, including Broward County schools, block certain websites that may include inappropriate or harmful content for these reasons. 

At most points during the school day, teachers are not knowledgeable of what students are doing on their electronic devices. Using school internet filtering provides a level of constant security and reassurance for both teachers and parents. 

School internet servers often block certain social media platforms from students. This can be extremely helpful for everyone on campus due to the fact that social media can be extremely distracting for students in a classroom setting. These blocked platforms can additionally lead to students engaging in conversations with strangers or even hacking into school programs.

Although some internet limitations are proven necessary, there comes a certain point where school internet servers block out too many websites. There are certain websites that can be beneficial to the education system when used for researching topics for projects or class assignments, but students are unable to use some of these websites because they are blocked. 

Students should be able to visit certain websites when needed for school purposes. Thus, all websites that can be proven to be educationally valuable should be unblocked for students, but only those. 

Allowing students to have access to more websites can lead to them becoming more responsible and independent. These are much-needed skills for students once they graduate and enter the real world where all websites and social media platforms are available to them. They will learn how to make the right decisions and have self-control by understanding the consequences of their actions. If schools do become aware of poor internet behavior from specific students, those students can face personal consequences, such as suspensions, expulsions and even criminal charges. 

There should be no access to any websites that may appear inappropriate, harmful or illegal, however, students should be able to access all websites that are beneficial for learning purposes.