[Opinion] Classroom decorations affect how students learn


AP style decoration posters are interactive so students can get more use out of them. Photo by Darian Williams

Samantha Goldblum

AP style decoration posters are interactive so students can get more use out of them. Photo by Darian Williams

The way a classroom is decorated affects learning for the students in that class. Decorations in a classroom can include inspiring words, students’ work, parts of lessons, number lines, graphs and charts. 

Teachers of different subjects seem to decorate differently, with English rooms being more colorful and math rooms being blander. The way students seem to feel in each type of class can be obvious when looking around the room. 

Students in more colorful classes seem to be happier, while students in boring classes seem to be uninterested and bored. According to a study that was done by Carnegie Mellon University, “decoration in the classroom can affect the ability of students to focus and study for children.”

On the first day of school, students look around the room to see inspiring posters, words of encouragement, charts and diagrams that display the curriculum they will learn in the future. The way the classroom looks will ultimately make up the first impression that students get when they first meet their teacher.

Even when students are bored in class, they can glance around the room to see bright and happy decorations that might help them get back on track and listen to the lesson. The class will be easier to tune into if you feel welcomed and comfortable in the classroom. 

Colorful walls that are covered in work and educational posters will keep the students in class engaged and awake. A plain white wall and a boring lecture will always result in sleepy students.

Decorated classrooms can also have a very positive effect on students when their work is displayed for other students to see. It can feel like an honor to know that your teacher appreciates the work you have done. People could be more driven to work harder in order to have their work displayed or maybe just get ideas for the assignments by looking at other students’ work.

Overall, a classroom that is decorated will leave students with a better education since students will have a better first impression of their teachers. Students will be engaged and it will inspire them to try and get their work displayed.