MSD hosts annual Underclassmen Awards virtually


Social studies department head Dawn Tavares presents junior Isabella Mercer and senior Ciana Steller the underclassmen award for AP psychology.

Isabel White, Section editor

The Underclassmen Virtual Awards is an event where students are honored for their academic achievements and courteous attitudes towards their teachers. Through this ceremony, the teachers are able to show their gratitude to their most dedicated students.

“My favorite part of the awards was speaking to proud parents about their child’s nomination,” Lechtman said. “[We usually] meet the students to personally hand them their certificate of recognition, which they will get when we return.”

Lechtman considers the ceremony more enjoyable in-person. Typically, the awards are held on campus around May, but due to coronavirus safety precautions, the presentation was held virtually. The awards were also a lot shorter online. Usually, they are around one to two hours long, however, the virtual event was only 21 minutes long.

During the awards, guidance counselors and teachers announced the awards each student received. Junior Dylan Minevich received the IT Honors Award from Business Technology teacher Sandra Rennie for her commitment and dedication.

“She [Rennie] nominated me because she said she saw growth and enthusiasm in me and thought I was a perfect fit for the award,” Minevich said.

For students like sophomore Grace Cavaretta, the awards represent a fulfillment of all the hard work they put in their classes, proving their diligent studying was worth it.

“My favorite part of the awards was getting to see my friends and I accomplish our goals and all receive awards for subjects that we worked hard in,” Cavaretta said.

The Underclassmen Virtual Show emphasized the importance of dedication and respect towards teachers. These students were honored by their teachers by receiving awards.