MSD administration allows students to submit their own ID pictures


MSD administration allows students to submit their own ID pictures

Gabby Gilmore and Nina Khalouf

“Students new to the school and students who we did not have photos of from their middle school were able to submit a photo to ensure they had a student ID as quickly as possible,” Principal Michelle Kefford said.

In order to submit a photo, students can access the requirements through their Canvas grade-level course and click the link located in the Announcements tab. While students are filling out their forms, they should keep in mind that photos will not be accepted if they do not fit the specific requirements. A photo that is not a headshot will not be accepted. The same goes for photos that include any filters from social media platforms such as Snapchat or Instagram. When submitting the photos, students must fill out a form and name the file their assigned 06 number. 

“It was a struggle at first submitting my photo but I eventually did it and got it done,” freshman Amaris Ruddock said.

For safety regulations, students must have an ID while on campus. Students who do not have an ID have to temporarily wear a sticker to notify staff and faculty that they are a student at MSD. 

“Students should have some form of ID from the moment they are on campus,” Assistant Principal Daniel Lechtman said. “If they don’t have one, they [can] get a temporary sticker to notify staff and other students that they are students at MSD.” 

Students were notified of this sudden requirement through Canvas, Remind and emails. If students have yet to submit their photos, they must go to Student Services or the Media Center, where they will turn in an appropriate photo. Students who do this will receive their new ID after it is made.

MSD will be using photos of students they already have, as their priority is to give new students who don’t have a photo the opportunity to select their own. 

“We do not have the ability to allow new photos at this time if a student does not like their photo,” Kefford said. “Photos were only permitted to be uploaded in situations where we did not have a photo of a student.”

As of now, MSD is still allowing students to submit an ID photo by going to the link in their Canvas course and following the directions to complete the process.