Twilight Gets a Twist for Its 10th Anniversary


Tyrone Carter

Stephanie Meyer, the author of the worldwide phenomenon, Twilight celebrated the series’ 10th anniversary in a big way. This past Tuesday, Meyer released a new edition of the first book in the saga, titled Life and Death. 

This new edition is just like the original but it has a slight twist. What would it be, you ask? Well, besides the yummy new cover, the gender roles are completely flipped.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, in this new edition, Bella’s character has been switched to a boy named Beau and Edward’s character is now Edyth. All of the other characters have received gender swaps as well.The concept itself is absolutely mind-blowing and definitely something that “Twi-hards” are excited about.


Meyer says that she wanted to do something “fun” for the 10th anniversary. Though fans would love to see more of this new twist extended into the rest of the saga, sadly that is not the case. The bestselling novelist says that she thinks that this will be the only version of the book that she will gender bend.

Go check out the new edition for yourself. Now available on iTunes and Amazon.