MSD offers online resources for the upcoming AP Exams


Phiona Smith and Dhaanya Balaji

During Advanced Placement testing, students will be able to use their own device and will need to set up the online testing system 30 minutes before the start of the exam. Students have the option to take in- person or at home exams. Submissions will be in the form of text entries and photo submissions. Additional information can be found at the General AP Exam document in the MSD guidance canvas course.

Students can find an AP testing guide on the official Marjory Stoneman Douglas website. This guide allows students to practice the different ways they can submit their responses. It also ensures that the students device will be compatible with running the online exam. Along with a testing guide, students can also find a short video with a step-by-step walk through of the AP Exam experience so they are familiar with exactly what is expected on the days of their AP exams. 

Carla Verba, the AP human geography teacher at MSD, suggested a list of resources available for students to prepare for the AP tests. 

“Review books,, and Collegeboard. Though all of them are valuable, what I think is the most valuable is and a review book,” Verba said.

Review books can be found in clever under digital student resources. You can access your AP resource book by navigating to your correct grade level and subject. 

“I purchased the AMSCO review book and plan to study that,” freshmen Ananyaa Sutaria said.

Along with the review book, students can use the textbook that their teacher provided for them at the beginning of the year. is a study source that bridges the gap between learning and mastery with correlative content created by national educators. is used for AP classes, Calculus AB and SAT subject tests. has helped many high schoolers to aim and achieve their goals.

College Board is a non-profit organization that connects high school students to college success. College board is the nation’s largest college organization and helps millions of high school students transition to college each year through their many programs. The College board manages and administers regulated tests used in different college placements.  

“I am also planning on using the College Board AP Classroom videos,” Sutaria said.

Taught by expert AP teachers, AP daily is a series of short videos offered by College Board. AP daily helps students cover multiple content and motivates AP students to take advantage of daily assistance through the courses. AP daily also offers a live review via the official AP youtube channel, from April 19-29th. AP daily gives daily instruction, practice, and feedback along with every topic and skill covered on the AP exams.

Certain students have created study groups in which they can meet and review material together. 

“I plan to facetime my friends and study with them. We will most likely quiz each other or go over the review book together,” freshman Aneesha Nookala said.

An AP testing information night was held on Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2021 going over the Exam schedule, overview, implementation details, and requirements. Students unable to attend can watch the recording through this link.