[Opinion] Social media offers young people unprecedented opportunities for success

Brady Freidkes, Writer

Young people are pursing many new opportunities that have been opened up by social media. Graphic by Julia Landy

Social media offers opportunities and possibilities for young people to achieve unprecedented success. It is not just for connecting with other individuals across the web, liking photos and sharing your daily life; social media benefits numerous people who run a fan-page or have the intention to build a brand for awareness and authenticity. 

Furthermore, it can help establish connections with professional companies, giving people the ability to interact with other creators across the United States. Potential opportunities like collaboration and connectivity arise among fellow users who have the same intentions on building a brand or just wanting to know what content is being published. 

There’s a variety of content viewers want to see, and brands or pages that focus on the creation and aggregation of videos and photos are gaining in popularity. 

Starting something like an Instagram page doesn’t happen overnight and progressively takes time, however, the overall growth of social media and networking is becoming unique as there are pages run by young people that have 30,000 followers and there are even pages with millions of followers. 

The consensus is that this leads to possible internships or job opportunities in the future. Social media platforms require steps to ensure and analyze the metrics of success. This can help provide employment and opportunities for youth who can help businesses expand their social presence.

Social media provides an outlet to market and seek potential clients. Social media platforms give individuals the opportunity to purchase promotions which leads to increased revenue for a business itself. Regarding the promotions, it increases a creator’s brand recognition which could promote accessibility for new and existing customers.

 This allows businesses to interact with customers regularly and gain new audience members via social media apps like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Benefits also include customer insights which gives creators valuable information towards how interested clients are in products or content that an owner is trying to create on their platform. 

Overall, social media is about building up relationships and growing your platform. While this might take a while, it can lead to exponential growth over a long period of time. By interacting with social media, young people are able to develop relationships with businesses and brands, exposing themselves to a wealth of online opportunities. 

Starting up a page takes hard work, dedication and patience. It will all come together as long as the person is confident. If done correctly, platforms can lead to jobs, starting a business or an existing business seeking to display their company to more consumers. Influencers on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and others build up a platform and strive each and every day. In the end, growth will come as long as an individual is passionate.