[Review] Crumbl weekly review (9/20-9/25)


Theron Piccininni

Flavor central! This week of Crumbl’s new flavors include Churro, Peanut butter M&M, Cornbread and Chocolate Crunch. Crumbl changes their flavors weekly to keep an innovative and ever-changing menu.

Sofia Osio and Alison LaTorre

On Sunday Sept. 19, Crumbl Cookies yet again released their ever changing menu, including new flavors Churro, Cornbread, Original featuring Peanut Butter M&M’S® Candies and Chocolate Crunch while the flavors of Milk Chocolate Chip and Classic Sugar remain weekly.

The first cookie we dove straight into was Churro. As people who are not huge fans of churros, we were shocked at how much we loved this cookie. The crisp, crunchy, sugar-coated cookie with the buttercream cinnamon piped icing was absolutely delicious. Although buttercream is normally very thick and heavy, the icing on this cookie seemed to have the perfect light and fluffy texture. Our only complaint on this flavor is the amount of icing on the cookie itself; level down the icing-to-cookie ratio and this cookie would be a solid 10/10, no questions asked.

The unique flavor of Chocolate Crunch is not the typical recipe used by Crumbl, being its first no-bake cookie, requiring no time in the oven. This cookie is served chilled with a creamy chocolate and caramel taste, specifically made for chocolate lovers. When first hearing that the cookie was no-bake we had a few doubts, but this cookie did not disappoint. With its chocolate Rice Krispy texture and mix of caramel, this cookie definitely lived up to its hype. The only complaint about this cookie is the dull flavor located within the first bite, but once the flavor kicks in it has an exquisite taste. Therefore, this cookie deserves a rating of 8/10.

Peanut butter lovers unite for this next one. This cookie is jam packed with peanut butter flavor down to its core — literally (in the core of the cookie). As peanut butter has been a prevalent snack in our lives, from the classic PB&J to Nutter Butters, this cookie unfortunately did not live up to our expectations. Although peanut butter as well as peanut butter M&Ms are tasty on their own, when mixed together it is entirely too overwhelming. If you must try this cookie though, we recommend grabbing a large glass of water to prepare your mouth for the excessive heaps of peanut butter you are about to consume. The peanut butter completely overrides the flavor and not a droplet of chocolate or candy can be detected over this overpowering cookie. Unfortunately for us PB fanatics out there, this cookie is going to rate a 4/10.

Another fan favorite this week is the Cornbread flavor. This cookie gives a creamy, yet crumbly taste. The cookie comes served warm, making the cookie soft and tender. One great quality about the cookie was the creamy butter and warm honey served on top of the cookie. Although we are not the biggest honey fans, the honey is necessary to melt the cookie and provide a smooth creamy top. The butter spreads around with the honey and creates the perfect balance between sweet and salty. This cookie definitely gives the fall feeling of Thanksgiving and eating with family members during the cool weather. Because of this, the cookie earns a solid 9/10.

In the end, this week’s cookies were creamy, smooth, delicious and much more. This week was definitely one of Crumbl’s better selections. With everything said and done, we would rate this week’s menu a 7/10. Hopefully next week Crumbl surprises us with an even better selection of cookies!