Apple Watch Series 7: everything you need to know



Apples new series 7 watch is here. The new watch has many new color options and three different finishes. This is a big upgrade for Apple watches.

Trista Mungal, Writer

On Tuesday, Sept. 14, Apple announced the creation of the Series 7 Apple Watch. The new watches were made available for purchase on Friday, Oct. 15 at the starting price of $399.

With several new updates this year, the Series 7 Apple watch is the most advanced version Apple has released.

“The larger display enhances the entire experience making the Apple Watch easier to use and read,” Apple said on their website.

One of the many new features that the watch boasts is it’s edge to edge display which creates the effect of a larger screen.

An additional feature to the watch this year is a full keyboard for typing accessibility. Before this update, the watch required drawing with your finger in order to type.

“This feature is a game changer since you have the ability to type faster, if your phone is not in arms reach,” Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School freshman Sveneska Maharaj said.

The Series 7 Watch has a wide range of new colors including midnight, starlight, green, blue and red. I personally recommend the silver stainless steel because it looks just like a real watch and can be matched with almost everything.

The watch also has three different finishes, one being stainless steel, which is more expensive that starts at $699, but gives you a more formal look. However, this finish only comes in three colors: silver, graphite and gold.

The second finish option is the aluminum, which is a cheaper design with a variety of color options, including midnight, starlight, green, blue and red.

Titanium is the last option, which is available in only two color options: titanium and space black titanium. I would recommend the titanium finish, despite it being the most expensive option. It is worth it because the watch has a very nice clean look to it, which can be paired with anything and it can also be worn with a formal look.

The new Series 7 watch is the most durable Apple Watch ever built, as it can withstand an abundance of destruction such as being resistant to cracks, dust and water, according to Apple.

Another perk with the new watch is the three months free of Fitness+ you receive. This is a fitness service that Apple has created for exercising on the go. Currently, they provide 11 different types of workouts. This service costs $9.99 a month. Including multiple health services, the watch can track your steps to tell you how much you walked that day. It also can relay messages aimed to benefit your health, such as telling you when to stand up after sitting too long.

“My Apple Watch helps keep me in shape by helping me on a health track,” freshman Tenisha Mungal said.

The watch also helps you to exercise by allowing you to close all of your “rings” for the day. The “rings” are your goals for the day. Each ring represents different exercises. For example, the exercise ring would say “thirty minutes” and you would need to do thirty minutes of exercise to close that ring. The watch lets you customize your rings for your needs.

An additional feature on this watch would be the monitor on your blood oxygen and your electrocardiography. The electrocardiography checks your heart and heart rhythm to provide your heart’s health condition.

This Apple Watch is ultimately a device accessible to everyone. The watch, being like a mini phone, can be very helpful for people who exercise a lot and do not want to haul their phone around with them. All in all, this watch has something for everyone whether it is a fitness tracker, phone on the go, or a stylish accessory to match their style.