MSD Eagles men’s varsity soccer suffers first loss of season against Cypress Bay High School


Sophie Goodman

Heads up. Midfielder Gabriel Gersberg (10) hits an in-bounded soccer ball away from defenders as his teammates approach him to receives the pass.

Josue Lopez and Levi Goffstein

On Tuesday, Nov. 16 the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s men’s varsity soccer team faced off against Cypress Bay High School at home. The Men’s Eagles team played at 5 p.m., while the Lady eagles played their game at 7:00 p.m.

This is their third game, following the men’s 2-0 record. With lots of fans supporting the Eagles, they went out there and gave it their best effort.

“This was going to be our hardest game yet,” forward Robbie Alhadeff (8) said.

The match began with little drama in the first half, as the game’s most dramatic play occurred when a player on Douglas was almost injured after being tripped. The player who tripped him got a yellow card, and got substituted out of the game.

Other than that, the game was very slow pace with the score being 0-0 at halftime. About 10 minutes into the second half, Cypress Bay scored a goal to take the lead 1-0. About five minutes after the goal, the Cypress bay lightning had another great shot at goal but the Douglas goalie made a spectacular save to keep the eagles in the game.

A little after the save, Cypress Bay scored a goal that seemed to put the game to a close at a score of 2-0.

“[At this moment in the game], we still thought we could win the game,” forward Jonah Burke (27) said.

Around the 75th minute, Cypress Bay scored an own goal putting MSD back into the game with the score being 2-1.

“After that goal the momentum shifted and we thought we had a chance,” freshman Coby Alhadeff (31) said.

In the end, the Eagles could not tie it up and Cypress came out with the win. After the game, the whole MSD team went over to their fans and parents to show appreciation to their supporters, even after a disappointing loss.

The Eagles look to bounce back in their game against Pines Charter, on Monday, Nov. 29 at 5 p.m, back on their home turf.