[Opinion] Schools should have metal detectors

Nicholas Zanetti, Writer

In the last two decades, weapon use and violence has been at an all time high in America. This is partially due to larger populations and more people to keep track of. This being said, gun violence has become a large problem for schools across the nation.

This leads us to a controversial topic:Should schools use metal detectors? One of the larger pros to the use of metal detectors is safety as they would allow schools to find guns and knives before potential violence occurs. This could ultimately put an end to the recent massacres around the United States.

Metal detectors feature advanced technology that will safen schools. Metal detectors work through a series of electromagnetic waves. When one electromagnetic field hits another, you become aware of the metal object that is hidden. Metal detectors have something known as search coils inside of them which allow electromagnetic waves to bounce off metal objects.
Metal detectors can also be used as a means of intimidation.

The mere presence of metal detectors can invoke fear in those who want to hurt others. Fear of detection is the same reason why most criminals would never bring a weapon on a plane, for example. Schools can work similarly to an airport just less crowded and without all of the stress. Students should not be forced to worry about violence in places like school.

Metal detectors are decently advanced technology that can change school safety forever. Sure, metal detectors are expensive and time consuming to use but it is worth it if schools can resort back to being safe zones for children. School is a place for learning and students should not have to fear anything more severe than a large exam.

Most of all, students who are aware of metal detectors at their schools feel safer. According to the article “Metal detectors in schools: Pros and cons” by Dianna Mendez, 87% percent of parents believe metal detectors are a must. Students with metal detectors present at their schools are less likely to be worried about unwanted violence. Metal detectors are beneficial to schools. Hopefully, in the near future schools will install these needed machines.

Overall, metal detectors would be a much appreciated security blanket over students. Schools should prioritize student safety. Metal detectors reduce the risk of violence in schools. Metal detectors also allow schools to gain a sense of professionalism. Schools will become less formal and metal detectors can even make them look nicer. The best way to accomplish safety and class is with metal detectors.