‘The Joker and the Queen’ music video is a nostalgic sequel



“The Joker and The Queen” by Ed Sheeran (feat. Taylor Swift) is a tear-jerking nostalgic music video.

Maeghan Koury, Writer

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift recently collaborated on a new single called “The Joker and the Queen.” Any avid Taylor Swift fan would watch the music video once and notice something strange about the actors playing the Joker and the Queen: They’ve been in another Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran collaboration called “Everything Has Changed” nearly ten years ago.

Watching this makes you feel the progression in the characters and their backstories. In the beginning of the music video for “The Joker And The Queen,” the little kids from 10 years ago are now entering university and a framed picture of them from the “Everything Has Changed” music video is shown in the possession of both characters. At this point, it becomes obvious that this video is a continuation of the one from 10 years ago and that the story’s not over quite yet.

The parallels of the music room and classroom where they met in the “Everything Has Changed” music video are clear as day. A split-screen of both characters shows how their stories have changed as they’ve grown. Their stories are no longer one as they were in the previous music video, but separate and are evolving apart while still relying on each other when times get tough.

In “Everything Has Changed,” we see a little girl dressed as a queen in a children’s play, though the little boy is dressed as a knight he’s constantly making jokes throughout the video.

We are shown the names of the characters, Jack (The Joker) and Ava (The Queen) in a text message. I had to watch this part of the video twice because something caught my eye. Jack texts “In a blizzle Swizzle” and from years of being obsessed with Taylor Swift I know that is the nickname that Ed Sheeran has for her.

The text messages that they sent to each other are an exact replica of what Ed and Taylor sent to each other back in 2015. This shows that they see Jack and Ava as not only their younger sibling (as shown in “Everything Has Changed”) but as a reflection of themselves and their friendship.

The video and lyrics are a beautifully simple evolution of the characters and how they’ve stuck by each other’s sides for years even though things have changed. The nostalgia is what makes this music video great. With the small references once you catch them it’s like you are watching a whole new video and story.