[Opinion] Streaming services should release their episodes one at a time and not all at once


Mariapaz santacoloma

Streaming sites should release one episode at a time for upcoming series.

Madison Friedman, Writer

With TV and movie streaming becoming increasingly popular in the past decade, a majority of people have a subscription to one out of the many streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, HBO Max, and Apple TV. These streaming platforms allow you to watch all episodes of a particular series at once, causing many to binge watch a show. Although binging shows may be fun in the moment, especially because of intense plot twists, it has a negative impact on the shows and the viewers.

Episodes following episodes on a streaming service may appear to be superior to cable, whereas a new episode of a series is released once a week. However, it ends up taking many of the fun factors out of watching a show. Some think that the weekly release model is too “old school” but there are many benefits that come from watching a show.

Many episodes of a show end off on a “cliffhanger,” which consequently leads viewers to click the “play next episode” button. This makes the show go by fast without having the proper time to enjoy it. Instead of taking in important details, it almost becomes a chore to finish it. Before the viewer knows it, the season of the show has ended and they now have to wait an extended amount for the next one to air.

Binge watching also removes the social aspect of watching television. When all of the episodes are released at the same time, anyone can watch every episode at whatever time. This makes it very difficult to discuss a show with others who might not be watching at the same pace. Nobody wants to hear spoilers for an episode they have yet to watch.

When a TV series releases one episode per week, it allows viewers to discuss the previous episode and makes watching the upcoming one more enjoyable. If a series is released on a set day of the week and at a specific hour, some individuals may decide to have social gatherings to watch it, making the show more enjoyable and even more intriguing.

Furthermore, weekly releases of series allow tension to build and keep fans excited and wanting more. Having a week inbetween episodes also allows people to analyze and dive deeper into past events of the show to get a better understanding and predict what could be coming in the future of the show’s plot.

The time in between the episodes can have an effect on social media with people posting content, based on it leading more people to begin viewing the show. When everyone is on the same page with episodes, communicating about it becomes fun and not risky.

Spreading out the episodes prevents fans from binge-watching them all at once, only to then be disappointed once they have to wait a very long time for another season to air. In 2021, hit shows such as Euphoria on HBO Max, Servant Season 2 on Apple TV, Mythic Quest season two on Apple TV, Loki on Disney Plus and Wanda Vision on Disney plus were are all series that were released once a week. This led many to believe the weekly release model is still the best.

It is difficult to break out of the binging habit but overall the old school once a week episode still appears to be better. Binging shows just takes away too many fun factors that come along with watching TV.