[Review] Weekend one Coachella outfits exceed fan expectations


Tribune News Service

Fans dance along as Princess Nokia performs on the Coachella stage during Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival at the Empire Polo Club in Indio on Friday, April 15, 2022. (Photo by Watchara Phomicinda, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG)

Lyla Sachs, Arts & Leisure editor

Coachella, the most anticipated music festival, is back up and running after being shut down for two years due to COVID-19. The festival is located in Indio, CA. on two separate weekends, which are April 15-17 and April 22-24. For many people, the most important element of Coachella is the fashion because of the freedom it brings when deciding on unique and stylish attire.

The annual festival is known for cowboy boots, sparkly tops, cowboy hats and body glitters. The no-dress code event gives influencers and celebrities a chance to give content to their followers while also dressing in a variety of unique styles. While most outfits can get repetitive and boring, a select few content creators were able to put their own flair on their outfits.

Emma Chamberlain, known by the internet as the “Coachella queen,” did not show up in her typical festival attire this year. In previous years, she was best dressed in patterned pants and tiny sunglasses. That changed this year when she showed up in monochromatic skirt sets and a reptile skinned body suit. Many fans had negative things to say about her change of style, but I, along with a few others on the internet, thought that she had great taste.

A new influencer known for her get ready videos is Madeleine White. She posts videos explaining her outfits while she gets dressed, and they are usually very on trend and stylish. It was no surprise when she went to Coachella that her style adapted to the culture, which consists of loud colors and uncommon pieces that would not be worn outside of the festival. She created outfits that everyone who expressed their opinions loved. During the three day festival, White showed up in six different outfits,one of which she sewed herself. They were creative and unlike others, which gave fans a fun experience.

Kirsten Titus, a content creator known for her fruit cutting, eating and blog-like videos, also attended weekend one of Coachella. While most people, including myself, did not expect much from her since she is not a fashion influencer, we were proved wrong. Titus appeared on day one in a crochet skirt and top set paired with brown leather boots. Although this outfit might seem overused in the crowds of festival goers, she outdid herself on day two. In silver cowboy boots and a red, cut-out dress with hearts, she stood out from the rest of the crowd. Day three’s outfit was picked as the best by the majority of her followers, seeing as it was a two piece set with pictures of fruit on it, paying tribute to her videos.

Brad Mondo, famous for his hair reacting videos and hair company XMONDO, was a disappointment in the outfit department. Since he is famous for hair, many people thought he would do fun and creative hairstyles. Instead, he slicked it back with gel and hid it under hats. Mondo’s string of outfits started off with a pair of plain jeans and a ripped white shirt. His second outfit drew people in, wearing pink, sparkly fishnets and nothing else. His head, including his hair, was covered and at night he put blue jeans on. His last outfit earned lots of positive feedback. Mondo’s outfit included pants made completely of worn belts of different colors, a black and white shirt and a cowboy hat to top it all off. While his style was shocking and good at the same time, it was a disappointment that he hid what he was famous for.

Not only did influencers have great outfits, performers showed up dressed and ready to impress. Headliner Harry Styles performed in a sequined, rainbow, Gucci jumpsuit. At the beginning of his set, Styles’ outfit was hidden behind a black fur coat. In true Coachella fashion, he made his entrance and dramatically dropped the coat, revealing his pleasing outfit. Many of his fans have compared his outfit to the silver, sequined jumpsuit Freddie Mercury wore and made famous. Styles heard positive and negative things about what he wore, but I think that he understood what Coachella culture was and made his own twist.

Coachella is just as much about fashion as it is about music. People plan months before what they will wear and fans anticipate those outfits just as much. This year’s outfits were hit or misses and these influencers hit the mark. This past weekend was just weekend one, meaning this weekend, a new set of influencers will try to impress the people back home. I look forward to the new styles we will see because these are hard to beat.