Senior Jordan Robertson continues volleyball career at Duquesne University


Breanna Gordon

Senior Captain Jordan Robertson commits to play Division One volleyball at Duquesne University.

Rebekah Sasser, Photographer

As seniors begin to fill out college applications, some students are finding different paths towards their futures. For Marjory Stoneman Douglas senior Jordan Robertson, college applications are not a worry as she has already verbally committed to play Division 1 volleyball at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In seventh grade, Robertson was a young and aspiring athlete with high hopes of one day achieving her dream to play Division 1 volleyball in college. Ever since her first practice, she worked hard to make that dream into a reality. Volleyball has become her whole life as she does not take a day off, practicing daily and having tournaments every weekend for the past six years.

“I have put in the time and dedication to get to where I am now,” Robertson said.

Robertson’s coaches at her club team, Tribe, are the ones that kept her motivated to keep reaching out to different schools and encouraging her to never give up. Coach Eric Rivera was Robertson’s first club coach and her biggest role model who inspired her and taught Jordan most of what she knows today.

“He started with me and now he is going to be with me as my last club coach,” Robertson said.

With the help and support of her coaches, Robertson started her recruitment process at the age of 14. Her travel team would record all her team games then forward them to her so she could go through them to get the best footage. Robertson used these highlight clips to send out emails of herself to all the colleges she was interested in to get her name out there.

“It is important to have good communication with all these schools,” Robertson said.

Robertson accepted Duquesne University’s offer of a tour so she could come over to their campus to view their grounds and athletic faculties. The head of admissions gave her a tour where she had the opportunity to talk to the head coach as well as all the players of the team.

She was able to catch a glimpse of the tournament the players were competing in to see them in action. She was even allowed to spend the night in one of the player’s dorms to get a feel for what it would be like to live on campus.

Robertson is currently a senior and thriving on Marjory Stoneman Douglas’s varsity volleyball team where she has played the last four years.

“She has been an incredible addition to our team with outstanding work ethic and commitment.” Coach Lucas Neves said.

She has had many fond memories with this team but one of her favorites took place this year. The veteran teammate went around and “kidnapped” the new teammate in the early morning. They took them to breakfast as a team bonding activity that was a total surprise for all the new girls.

“We are all so excited for Jordan and are happy we are able to play with her during her last season on Stoneman’s varsity volleyball team,” junior Victoria Diaz said.

In fall of 2023, Robertson is looking forward to attending Duquesne University to continue her volleyball career.