Girls Who Start first meeting gets members excited for the school year

Girls participate in the fun activities at Girls Who Start’s first meeting of the year. They learn about women entrepreneurs and the facts about women in power.

Lilly Citrin, Writer

Girls Who Start held their first meeting of the year in hospitality teacher Mackenzie Malone’s room after school. The presidents, junior Macy Meis and senior Jordan Fink, had many fun and female-forward activities planned for the attendees.

Though the club is not only for girls, its purpose is to teach its members that women can thrive in entrepreneurship and be leaders in society. The club works to empower women by giving them the information and skills they need to be successful. Girls Who Start work to provide its members with skills that will help them thrive in the business world. They use fun activities like escape rooms and product creation competitions to set up their members for the future.

During club meetings, members are taught presenting skills and the actions required to start a business. Club members learn to brainstorm business ideas and utilize their entrepreneurship skills. Only 36% of small businesses worldwide are run by women. Girls Who Start tries to help to raise that number by informing students and helping them improve their skills.

“We help to empower girls in business and entrepreneurship while also trying to show that women can be leaders,” Co-President and founder of the club Jordan Fink said.

Girls Who Start is introducing a new entrepreneurship event this year called “Dive into Entrepreneurship.” Contestants in the contest will present a business or product to several judges who will score them on their presentation. The judge panel will be made up of local business leaders and entrepreneurs.

“We encourage everyone in the community to come, high school students can go to MSD or be in DECA, or you don’t have to be either,” Meis said.

Though this event is run by Girls Who Start at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, it is open to students from all schools. The members of Girls Who Start have invited several different schools to attend and participate. The contest will end in prizes for several places of winners and is sure to be a lot of fun. Dive into Entrepreneurship is an experience that will teach and inspire many students.

During their first meet, the attendees got the chance to compete in a Kahoot that tested their knowledge on women entrepreneurs, as well as business-related vocabulary and statistics.

To practice their teamwork skills, the entire room of attendees split into two groups to participate in a Jeopardy game. The game consisted of topics all surrounding women empowerment. They answer questions on the number of women in business, what famous brands are run by women, celebrity women in business and many more.

This club allows for students to learn the skills they need to be successful in entrepreneurship. It works to hone the members ability to work as a team.

For those interested in the club, their next meeting will be held Nov. 29 in Malone’s room, 910.