Trend predictions suggest that 2014 Tumblr girl aesthetic is making a comeback


Lyla Sachs

Student listens to band Artic Monkeys as the Tumblr aesthetic revives in 2022. Fashion from this era has also come back. With help from social media, the aesthetic can reach younger generations.

Mariapaz Santacoloma and Lyla Sachs

Trends are temporary; they are recycled year after year, being forgotten for the next and then picked back up again. The year 2014 is known for the rise of indie music, unique fashion and Tumblr, a popular social media app. It is not a surprise that the characteristics of this time have been brought back into pop culture.

Micro trends, trends created for a shorter time, have become frequent this past year due to the popular social media platform Tik Tok. Old music has filtered through user’s Spotify playlists and vintage clothes through people’s closet. Tik Tok has allowed the Tumblr era to resurface with short videos containing old music becoming widespread and encouraging people to listen to songs from the past.

When thinking of different years and generations, music is a main distinguishing factor. There are the punk 80s bands, disco from the 70s and with the year 2014 comes the alternative, indie groups.

Since 2014 was known for its alternative music, artists such as Tame Impala, Arctic Monkeys and The 1975 topped the charts, all of whom released new music in 2022. These bands were wildly popular during this time; but as time progressed, their fan base dwindled. With the surge of 2014 music rising, the fan bases of these groups are gaining popularity again.

The alternative bands appreciated by the Tumblr community have a certain style that can be seen by anyone. For example, The 1975’s lead singer Matty Healy is known for taking his fans on stage, serenading and kissing them.

The aesthetic that this music provides is an accessory to people just as much as the clothes they wear. Wired earbuds, winged eyeliner and black tights contributed to the image that “Tumblr girls” wanted to be perceived as. The revival of this trend walks hand in hand with the new indie sleazcore aesthetic of 2022, though it could be said that they are on different sides of the spectrum. While the Tumblr girl aesthetic can be seen as grungy, striped-clothes, band t-shirts and converse, the sleazcore style is more colorful and can feature vans, oversized hoodies and funky button downs.

The revival of the trend has also come through influencers. Being an influencer has become a highly appealing occupation as more people join social media. Posts from models like Gigi Hadid have given the Tumblr girl aesthetic a popular aura and more of a mainstream style.

The 2014 Tumblr girl aesthetic did not originate in 2014, it took inspiration from the 90s grunge era. Fashion continues within trends, but changes to suit the fashion standards of the year. With creating and following trends comes the role of modernizing them. Modernizing trends is important and allows people to evolve in fashion while looking back for nostalgia and fun.

The picture perfect Tumblr girl includes listening to indie music, dressing in grungy clothes, watching movies like “Twilight” to fit the desired stereotype. The Tumblr girl of 2022 has minimal changes to the original; the indie music has stayed, along with the grungy clothes and movies. While most has not changed, the app that started the aesthetic is not popular within the community anymore.

The nostalgia of the year has come quickly, with many new people appreciating the familiar music and fashion. The question many influencers and bloggers have is: is the Tumblr girl aesthetic another micro trend or will it last longer?

Trends have been a part of society for decades and have influenced millions of people to change their fashion, music taste and actions. Whether the 2014 Tumblr girl aesthetic does create an opportunity to become more than a micro trend in 2022 or not, it is being recognized and supported by people. The aesthetic is one that is unique to itself and that many people are drawn to.