[Review] Artist Metro Boomin’s newest album ‘HEROES AND VILLAINS’ makes headlines in the music community


Metro Boomin Official Store

Metro Boomin releases signed CD’s and other merchandise in promotion of his new album Hero’s and Villains. Photo courtesy of Metro Boomin Official Store.

Ava Jurick, Writer

Artist and producer Metro Boomin released his newest album and first solo record in four years, ‘HEROES AND VILLAINS,’ on Dec. 2 on all platforms including Apple Music and Spotify. His debut album, Not All Heroes Wear Capes,’ was released in 2018 and received a large amount of positive feedback. This resulted in much anticipation from fans for his newly released album.

“My friends and I have been looking forward to this album because Metro Boomin always has good features on his album,” senior Skylar Bons said.

Boomin’s features include numerous talented and well known artists including John Legend, Travis scott, and The Weeknd. All of these collaborations just add to the album.

“It’s happening already!! Track 1 almost revealed!!,” Metro Boomin said in a tweet to promote his new album including tweeting about the tracklist three days before the release.

The album has also led up to a short film for the album four years in the making which was created by Morgan Freeman and Metro Boomin. The movie is set in
Superman’s hometown of “Metropolis” and stars Morgan Freeman.

The first track on the album called ‘On Time’ features singer John Legend and excerpts of Morgan Freeman’s voice which is just parts of him from the short film. The first song completely differs from the second which is called ‘Superhero,’ which features rappers Future and Chris Brown.

“John Legend collaborating with Metro Boomin is something I would never expect. It was amazing and pleasantly surprising,” sophomore Landon Levine said.

A majority of the songs, including the third track, ‘Too Many Nights,’ which features rappers Don Toliver and Future, discuss love, relationships, money and fame. The features on this album make the album possibly the best of the year. As the album continues, more artists appear, including Travis Scott on the song ‘Raindrops.’

Other popular songs include ‘Umbrella’ which features rappers Young Nuddy and 21 Savage. This song has more clear beats and is regarded as more of a rap song than melodic. A song that contradicts the harsh rap in the previous song is ‘Trance’ which features Teavis Scott and Young Thug and is an R&B track.

“There is not one song on the album that is not great. I have listened to the album all the way through at least three times and it just came out,” senior Kyler Schwartzberg said.

The most streamed song on the album so far with the most popularity is ‘Creepin’, which features 21 Savage and The Weeknd. The song is a cover of ‘I Don’t Wanna Know,’ Mario Winans and P. Diddy’s 2004 hit. The Weeknd is one of the most famous artists so Metro Boomin having him on this album is something the whole music industry is talking about.

The last song on the album is called ‘All The Money’ featuring Gunna. It perfectly encaptures the overall theme of the album which is money and love.

“Metro boomin is not only an amazing rapper but producer as well. The beats and instrumentals on the album are unmatched,” senior Josh Gordon said.

Metro Boomin included a variety of features, but the instrumentals and beats itself can be listened to on its own. The Hip-Hop album exceeded all expectations I had. Although I am not a frequent listener of Metro Boomin, this album will definitely be on repeat.