[Review] Famous rapper 6lack returns with new album ‘Since I Have a Lover’ after five year hiatus


Lvrn/Interscope Records

6Lack releases new album “Since I Have a Lover” depicting a more positive and happy version of himself. Photo courtesy of Lvrn/Interscope Records

Ava Jurick, Writer

The well-renowned artist and rapper, Ricardo Valdez Valentine Jr., known in the music industry as 6lack, released his newest album “Since I Have a Lover” on March 23, 2023. His last album, “East Atlanta Love Letter,” which was released in 2018, is extremely different from this new album with a focus on the rap genre as well as incorporating more uptempo songs.

He has received chart streaming success from his past albums and collaborations with famous artists J.Cole, Future, SZA and more.

The album has been highly anticipated and 6lack teased his new album on twitter on March 21 stating “and we’re back…album finished.” The album was released on all streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify. The album may be the most thoughtful album after a five year break since it reflects his mental health on his break.

“The anticipation for another album was crazy,” senior Josh Gordon said. “This album was special and definitely had the best lyrics. The album also proved he could do an album all independently.”

The album has daring lyrics about relationship struggles and is relatable to the audience with themes of loss, identity and the struggle in the music business For example, the song “Preach” discusses his desire to win in his field and the competitive nature of the music business. Another song, “Inwood Hill Park,” talks about how to embrace the lows in life which speaks to the audience.

“I am happy 6lack took a break because he got to write this album about real life and not just usual rapper lyrics,” senior Kyler Schwartzberg said.

In a pre-release Apple Music interview 6lack stated “I think that for this project and for these songs, I made it a priority to take care of myself first.” The album almost feels as if the listeners are hearing a verbal version of his own diary.

The album contains 19 tracks and showcases 6lack’s voice. He only has two features on the album including “wunna dem” with QUIN and “Temporary” featuring Don Toliver. Both are rappers and add some spark to the album, but it is 6lack’s voice that makes the album one of his best.

“The song Rent Free is my favorite. It contains the best chorus and vulnerable lyrics on the album by far,” sophomore Jared Russinoff said.

This album switches between genres including Rap and R&B and 6lack still sounds like himself. He taps into his feelings and shares it in each song. He incorporates classic songs such as “Fatal Attraction” and deep songs such as “Talkback.”

“The album shows a new version of 6lack which I found amazing. I think the wait for the album was well worth it,” senior Skylar Bons said.

The album uses more acoustic guitar and midtempo beats rather than melodramatic beats. The songs and album as a whole reflect 6lack and his current state of mind. The album has smooth production from top to bottom. He covered every emotion while still having catchy radio-type songs.