[Review] Cookiehead Bakery releases four new Easter themed cookies


Quinn Braun

Cookiehead bakery releases four new flavors featuring Springtime M&M, Scorch’s Smores, vegan/gluten-free Coconut Cream, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Treat. The cookies each have a main character associated with them.

Gabriel Jardine, Writer

Cookie head bakery located on Wiles dropped four new cookies along with a fun coffee flavor. The bakery recently created a website to display all cookies and also offer an option to order online. The Cookieheads weekly flavors feature the Magical Easter Bunny, Gluten Free Coconut Cream, Cinnamon Toast CrunchTreats, and Springtime M&M cookies. The bakery also has a cold brew infused with nitrogen called wizard magical nitro cold brew.

The Wizards magical nitro cold brew was very sweet and tasted like a cookie in a drink. I really like that Cookiehead offers coffee as well as cookies. The coffee is unique in the way that it is infused with nitrogen. It came with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and chocolate bits on top. Personally, I enjoy my coffee more bitter compared to sweet, however I very much enjoyed this coffee. I would rate the Wizard magical coffee a 8/10.

Magical Easter Bunny Cookie was a blue sugar cookie with buttercream frosting topped with yummy Easter candy. The cookie was very sweet and had a crunchy outside and soft inside. I liked the Easter theme of the cookie and the sprinkles added on top. The cookie was one of my favorites for the week. It being my favorite makes it a 9/10.

Gluten Free Coconut Cream Soft milky cookie with a strong coconut flavor behind it, the coconut shavings add texture to the soft cookie and creamy frosting, although the gluten free cookie has a slightly different texture that just doesn’t compete with the other cookies that they offer. Nevertheless if you have an allergy this cookie is a fantastic option to get you close to the real thing. I would rate this cookie a 6/10.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Treat The sweet cinnamon flavor of the cookie and the frosting brings you back to eating cinnamon toast crunch as a kid. The crunch added from the cereal on top contrasting with the soft frosting and the decadent cookie make a fantastic combination. The slight spice of the cinnamon combat the sweetness of the cookie to balance out the flavors. Overall this is a great cookie and if you’re a fan of cinnamon toast crunch, you should try this cookie for a fun twist on a classic cereal. I would rate this cereal cookie a 8/10.

Springtime M&M tasted like a chocolate chip cookie with an extra crunch. The M&Ms were baked on the inside and the outside of the cookie. The M&Ms were all pastel colors adding to the easter theme. I would definitely rate it a 7/10.

I enjoyed all of the flavors this week because of the Easter theme. Cookiehead cookies are made with a soft inside and crunchy outside which makes them unique to other cookie stores. The frosting is the perfect amount and tastes like cake in the form of a cookie. The best flavor this week was the Magical Easter Bunny cookie.