Review: Farmer’s Table offers organic food selections

Review: Farmers Table offers organic food selections

Sofia Cozzolino

unknown-2Farmer’s Table is located in Boca Raton, near the Town Center Mall. It’s pretty far away from Parkland but the 30-minute drive is all worth the quality of food of this fantastic restaurant.

I was first introduced to this restaurant when I was invited to a brunch to celebrate my friend’s birthday. The weather was perfect so we decided to sit outside.

I ordered a whole grain-whole wheat bagel with avocado, tomato and a poached egg on top (the perfect amount of salt and pepper), along with a side of fresh fruit. In addition, I ordered a beverage of freshly brewed iced coffee with almond milk.

As someone who likes to maintain a balanced diet and live a healthy lifestyle, I was pleased to know that every item on the menu is organic. Whether it’s pasta or vegetables, nothing seemed extremely filling. This quality of food will leave you feeling replenished yet light.

We had a reservation, so we were seated immediately. The hostess welcoming and sent a waitress to our table minutes after we got settled. The waitress was very patient and well informed. She described everything we requested on the menu.

In general, the service was nice. Our food came out fairly quickly, we only waited about 15 minutes for all of our meals to arrive.

The waitress came several times to check up on us and make sure everything was alright throughout the course of our meal. The restaurant was clean and beautifully designed; It had touches of brown and orange along with decorations fitted to a rustic theme.

I was very impressed with the decor of the venue and it felt very warm and welcoming. The tables were wood and the ceilings were beautifully presented with chandeliers.

I returned twice more to Farmer’s table with two of my girlfriends and ordered the banana bread french toast with a side of potatoes and fresh fruit.

The next time I returned, three women greeted me. A girl seated us to our table but had some trouble remembering which table the main hostess told her to seat us at, so we wandered around the patio until she finally went back inside and double-checked.

I could tell she was new, so we kept smiling and were very patient, understanding of the fact that it was her first day or so. Generally, she was very sweet and polite. She completed her task just fine. In the end, we switched our seating back inside because it started to get chilly. The staff was very understanding.

The waiter took our drink orders and when he came back we were ready to order an appetizer of tuna tartare with cucumbers and avocado. Then as a main course, I ordered an English muffin with a poached egg, tomato, bacon and kale.

The entire menu is made up of organic food, which evidently augments the price of the product. The food is a bit expensive, but not too outrageous. You’ll find that the food is entirely health, and freshly grown. Hence the name, Farmer’s Table.