“The Seed” Coffee Shop Sprouts in Boca Raton


Gillian Marton

The Seed, Boca’s first speciality coffee shop and juice bar, embodies a hipster and inviting aesthetic which can be perceived by its cozy and uplifting space.  

The craft coffee shop, located on 199 West Palmetto Park Road, is tucked into a small, seemingly- neglected shopping center easily passed at first glance.   

The menu offers a variety of coffees, teas, juices, and smoothies produced locally in partnership with Wells Coffee Company, an independent business focused on handcrafting finely roasted coffees to conceive a unique experience in each cup.

Upon entering, coffee-lovers and health-fanatics alike are welcomed by an amiable allure brought by its cheery baristas, dim lighting and rustic design. The wooden tables are electronically friendly, boasting phone outlets and USB ports. Accessories such as lifestyle books and small greeneries adorn the tabletops, providing customers with a comfortable ambiance.

The baristas were incredibly friendly and welcoming to every customer that entered the shop. When it came time to order, they were patient and more than happy to explain the foreign menu to their first-time customers, and even took the time to ask us how we had heard of them.   

After careful deliberation, we decided to order an almond milk vanilla latte and an acai bowl complete with blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, honey and coconut milk. Our orders came out in good time with good quality to match. The latte was emblazoned with a beautiful foam milk heart that coffee-critics would rave over.
Though a little on the expensive side, coming out to $17.76 solely for just a latte and an acai bowl, the quality of the product and all-around experience makes the price well worth it.  seedilicious