Five MSD students win Arts for the Future scholarship


Taylor Morrison

Arts for the Future scholarship winners pose for a photo with Principal Ty Thompson. Photo courtesy of Ty Thompson

Five Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students received $1000 Arts for the Future Scholarships on Monday, April 1, 2019. Seniors Olivia Feller, Crystal Tang, Alex Wind, Dylan Redshaw and Kelsey Nickerson were informed that they won the scholarship during first period when they were called down to the office to take a picture with Principal Ty Thompson. 

Arts for the Future is the largest arts scholarship in Florida and funds grants for Broward County students who plan to pursue the arts in college.

Each spring, Broward County Public Schools presents “Stars on Parade” at the Broward Center, which features the artists that receive the Arts for the Future Scholarship. This year’s “Stars on Parade” will be on Thurs. April 18.

MSD applicants submitted proof of their artistry, such as photos of their drawings or videos of their performances, as well as a printed application containing questions about their art activities and the influence art has had on their life to their art teacher or the brace advisor Ana Farrand.

Each student won for their respective medium, whether that be 2D art, ceramics, drama, music, etc.

Feller and Nickerson both won the Arts for the Future Scholarship for their 2D art.

“The $1000 is going to help me in college as it will help me afford the art classes I plan to take,” Feller said. “It’s amazing to be rewarded so highly for the hard work I have put into my art throughout high school.”

Redshaw and Wind both won the Arts for the Future Scholarship for their musical theatre.

“I’m planning on going out of state for college to study musical theatre because it’s something I’ve been passionate about since I was young and I want to try and go to a school where I think I’ll be able to get the best theatre experience,” Wind said. “The scholarship will help me afford that and means I’m closer to being able to do what I love.”

Tang won the Arts for the Future Scholarship for her piano performance. She plans to attend Northwestern University this fall, which will be greatly assisted by such a scholarship.

“I’ve been playing piano since I was very young and to see my talents being recognized like this mean so much,” Tang said.