Author: Kaleela Rosenthal

Junior Austin Roy freestyles rap songs for his Soundcloud account. Portrait by Nyan Clarke

Junior Austin Roy expresses his creative side on SoundCloud

Every high school student has an individual passion for something. Whether it’s a club, organization or talent, students have ways to express themselves. In junior Austin Roy’s case, his passion is rapping. Through the streaming platform SoundCloud, Roy has released multiple tracks and albums, which explain and explore his feelings and thoughts. He has used SoundCloud as a creative outlet […]

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MSD Eagle Regiment performs "Beyond" on the football field. Photo by Brianna Jesionowski

Eagle Regiment starts off new season with Pops and Pies fundraiser

  *Co written by Kaleela Rosenthal and Brianna Jesionowski On Friday, Aug. 31, the MSD Eagle Regiment started off their annual fundraising event, Pops and Pies. They performed their show “Beyond” on the home football field at 6:30 p.m. for the first time this season. The event was later moved to the cafeteria where soda “pops” and pizza “pies” were served, hence […]

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