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Teachers Stacey Lippel and Gregory Pittman win September Teacher of the Month award

English teacher Stacy Lippel holds the Teacher of the Month paint brush. Photo by Brianna Jesionowski

English teacher Stacey Lippel and U.S. history teacher Gregory Pittman were awarded the September Teacher of the Month Award. In recognition of their award, both teachers received a large paint brush. Both teachers are able to connect with their students and teach them in a positive and intriguing way, making students  more interested in the subject at hand. 

Students determined which teachers won the paint brush by voting at the monthly ICC meeting.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s Principal Michelle Kefford came up with the idea to award a large-sized paint brushs to the Teachers of the Month. The paint brush is used to portray the theme MSD has this year: painting a new canvas. The theme expresses how painting is similar to bringing in something new to the school and brightening the lives of students.

“I am so proud of the teachers who won. This award is a testament to the positive impact they make on their kids,” Kefford said.

Both teachers are able to connect with their students and teach them in a positive and intriguing way, making students  more interested in the subject at hand. 

“When you paint the interior of a room a different color, you have the opportunity to brighten it up; you have the opportunity to give it new life, you have the opportunity to change the old and bring in the new, and so I think that it’s [the paintbrush] certainly what it represents,” Pittman said. “Hopefully you all are the ones that help us paint the future, and help make changes where we need to make changes, and improve the country.”

Many students enjoy Lippel and Pittman’s style of teaching. Their unique approach to teaching is a huge factor that caused them to stand out from other teachers, and therefore win the award. 

“[Mrs. Lippel] is an understanding and supportive teacher who is ready to help everyone who walks into her classroom. Your goals become hers,” junior Bella Miller said. “She is one of the sweetest and most amazing teachers I have had thus far and I learned so much under her wisdom and guidance.”

Pittman shows that he cares about his students by teaching them the topic in more depth by having after-school help. The reason he holds these help sessions is to assure that his students understand the concepts taught in classes completely. Many students take advantage of this offer by Pittman.

“Mr. Pittman is a very understanding teacher and cares about his students’ understanding of the topic. He even offers help after school, for students who miss, or didn’t quite understand his lesson,” junior Alex Russ said.

Lippel and Pittman are both keeping their paint brush at school to display proudly. However, they will eventually have to pass the paint brushes to the next teachers of the month, allowing this new tradition to flourish among faculty.

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