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The #CoronaCant movement started by Boca Raton High School students has connected people across the nation and the world.

Boca Raton High School students start #CoronaCant movement to connect people across the world

Despite the negative circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic, teachers and students from Boca Raton, Florida formed an organization titled #CoronaCant. The movement kicked off in mid-March. #CoronaCant was co-founded by Luke Lynch, an alumnus from Boca Raton High School and current freshman at American University, […]

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis made the announcement that there would be refunds coming to families that have been paying into the Florida Prepaid tuition plan since 2008 and a reduction in the costs for new enrollments. The announcement was made Monday at Florida State College in Jacksonville. [BOB SELF/FLORIDA TIMES-UNION]

Florida Prepaid College prices drop result in thousands of refunds

The Florida Prepaid College Board has lowered plan prices, which is benefitting families. As an effect of the costs lowering, people in Florida are getting refunds across the state, resulting in more than $500 million in reimbursements, with an average of $4,700 per refund. Since […]

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Persuasive Poster. A sign advertising the benefits of the Secure the Next Generation Referendum hangs in the bus loop at Country Hills Elementary. Photo by Nyan Clarke

Broward voters approve half mill tax increase to fund schools

On Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2018 voters approved the Secure the Next Generation Referendum to raise money for Broward County Public Schools. Starting in 2019, Broward County homeowners will see a half millage increase in their property taxes. Local property taxes are calculated using millage rates. […]

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