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A to-do-list of the unrealistic expectations students feel pressure to fulfill from their parents. Photo by Samantha Goldblum

Parents’ expectations are set too high for children

The recent college admission scandal involving Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman and other accused parents in March raises questions about parents’ high expectations for their children. Clearly, these accused parents were disappointed with their children’s ability to succeed academically and gain entry into the universities their […]

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Mental plays a large role in the lives of students. (Photo by Dara Rosen)

School is playing a role in the mental health of students

On July 1, a bill in Oregon was put into effect, allowing students to take off up to five mental health days every three months. This has sparked conversation among parents, students and educators alike, concerning not only the efficacy of policies like this one, […]

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Left: Sour grape, a potent hybrid effective for stress reduction. Right: Dirty Hairy, a sativa-dominant hybrid that is effective for migraine and depression relief

Medical marijuana legalization moves ahead slowly as lawmakers debate implementation guidelines

On Nov. 8, Florida voters approved Amendment 2, which went into effect on Jan. 3, 2017. Amendment 2 requires the Florida Department of Health to “set regulations for the issuance of identification cards, qualifications and standards of care givers, and rules for the registration of […]

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Student Stress Reaches New Heights

Many students at Douglas would agree that one of the main reasons for their distaste for school comes from the excessive stress it brings into their lives. This is not to say that school should not be in our lives – it’s a necessity – but it is to say that […]

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