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In the United States, there are exactly 1.5 million animals a year that are euthanized (put to sleep) in shelters.

MSD Student hosts fundraiser to help animals in need

  The organization, Wings of Rescue, flies animals from kill shelters to non-kill shelters from all over the United States and Canada. Some of these animals are pregnant, injured, malnourished or in need of major surgical operations. Regular ground transport takes 24 hours or more and places multiple pets in the same crate without any food, water or walks. The […]

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G-Dragon opens his Miami concert on July 25th with a "BigBang." Photo by Alex Han.

Growing popularity of K-pop in the West

In recent years, Korean pop music, or K-pop, has come to the attention of many in the West. What used to be a genre for a niche audience has now become an international trend, garnering millions of online fans from the United States to Qatar. Recently, the boy group BTS, or Beyond the Scene and formerly known as Bulletproof Boy […]

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