Student government delivers birthday cards to every MSD student


Anna Bayuk

Senior class president, Nick Joseph, holds up one of the birthday cards SGA distributes to the student body. Photo by Darian Williams

The student government association has taken on the task of delivering a birthday card and a piece of candy to every single student at the school. The new initiative comes at the request of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s new principal Michelle Kefford. 

“The student birthday idea was something that was done at Ms. Kefford’s previous school, and so when she brought it up here, we thought it was an awesome idea,” SGA advisor Danielle Driscoll said. “We jumped on board to create a birthday card and do it on a regular basis.”

The intention of this project is to bring the community closer together by making individual students feel recognized. Celebrating 3,379 birthdays at MSD is no small task, but leadership students find it to be an essential undertaking. 

Leadership students deliver cards to students during 1st and 5th periods on the morning of their birthday. Each student is directly handed a birthday card with an attached piece of candy by a leadership student. Leadership students accompany these deliveries with personalized verbal birthday wishes, a few delivery-students even sing “Happy Birthday.” 

“All around, people enjoy [the deliveries],” sophomore Kylie Larson said. “Everyone loves celebrating their birthday.” 

The candy used changes each month. For September, fruit-flavored lollipops were attached and in August jolly ranchers were delivered. The card itself is adorned with an image of colorful balloons with a Stoneman Douglas eagle on them, printed on cardstock. 

“We found it really important to celebrate the birthdays in this school to bring the community together and recognize everyone at this school, even though it’s really big,” Larson said. “We want people to know that each and every single individual is important.” 

Teachers at MSD are also receiving birthday wishes this year. Rather than from a leadership student, teachers get wished a happy birthday from Kefford herself.