MSD students have a variety of interesting pets


Juno, sophomore Landon Reuter’s bearded dragon. Photo by Delaney Walker

Delaney Walker, Social media editor

This is a pet-loving world; which is why several students attending Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are owners of  interesting pets. These pets vary from common pets, such as dogs, to unique animals, such as reptiles. 

Each pet is unique, whether or not it has a specific skill, trait or breed. Owners adopt each of their pets due to preferred qualities and/or the amount of care that is needed, but sometimes the reasons are much more complex. 

Sophomore Landon Reuter is the owner of a bearded dragon lizard named Juno. Bearded dragons are low maintenance, make no noise and can teach their owners valuable life lessons through caring for them.  

Juno, sophomore Landon Reuter’s bearded dragon. Photo by Delaney Walker

“What I enjoy most about my lizard is that it is easy to maintain and is good for learning time management because it needs to be fed and cleaned daily,” Reuter said.

Pets are often fed treats to learn new tricks that are entertaining for the owner to watch. Owners train their pets daily to help them learn many skills, such as flips, rolls, jumps and even specific poses. Every trick is unique and takes a specific amount of practice and time to perfect. 

Sophomore Asha Advani owns a bunny, named Lily. Lily has been a part of her family for six years and has learned many tricks throughout her life. 

Lily, sophomore Asha Advani’s pet bunny. Photo by Delaney Walker

“My bunny Lily runs and twists her body in the air making a 180 type of trick,” Advani said.

Along with this, some pets show off their unique personalities through social media accounts, such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Some pet owners enjoy running accounts dedicated to their pets’ lives so others can see their unique skills along with their everyday activities.. 

Sophomore Nicolette Gulla is the proud owner of two golden retrievers named Harley and Quinn. They are both been service dogs for the past year and a half. They both additionally love to cuddle and are extremely lovable to everyone they meet. Nicolette runs an Instagram account for Harley and Quinn;  she posts pictures and updates of the two whenever possible.

Harley and Quinn, sophomore Nicolette Gulla’s pet golden retrievers. Photo by Delaney Walker

“I enjoy everything about them; they are great in every way,” Gulla said.

Many students at MSD own interesting pets and enjoy taking part in various activities relating to these interesting creatures.