Social media and news platforms are not bringing light to world-changing news


A view of a phone with several social media apps. Photo by Rachel Ellis

Delaney Walker, Social media editor

Positive and negative events happen around the world everyday; however, only some of it is broadcasted for the public to see. Social media and news platforms such as CNN and Fox News continue to emphasize the bad events but show very little attention to the good events that are happening throughout the world. 

Certain events flood media platforms in a variety of ways in the form of memes, videos, tweets, photos or live television. Often people do not think twice about whether these are the only events that are taking place in our world.

Positive events are beginning to lose their meaning on all media platforms.  

Oftentimes, when a natural disaster occurs, the negative impacts usually draw more attention rather than help and support coming from nearby communities. 

While coming across both positive or negative news, it gives the reader a sense of what occurs in the world around them. This can lead to them advocating for change or being the person to step to create the change. It may ultimately bring together for the common good.

Not every nation is able to provide aid for themselves when needed. During times of need, nations often come together to help one another, but it is not always broadcasted for the public to see and appreciate. 

For instance, as Hurricane Dorian devastated several islands and states, the entire internet flooded with headlines titled “Hurricane Dorian Devastates” and “Hurricane Dorian becomes catastrophic category 4.” Throughout Dorian, people reached out from around the country to donate and help areas along its pathway, but very little of it was broadcasted. 

Within every negative event, there is some sort of positive aspect, whether small or large. Media platforms disregard the positive information that takes place. Not only does positive information give more detail to the story, but it also helps people see the good in the world. That is why positive information should be regarded just as crucial as the negative aspects.

With all the bad occurring in the world, many feel that it is important to highlight the positive in certain situations. This is represented in the shortest of sentences or the longest of stories, the smallest detail could have the largest meaning.

For example, vaping is a constant topic discussed on the internet that affects several people, especially students. Every day, more articles are published about more teenagers that have died due to vaping.

The good events broadcasted in the news can allow the reader to have a full understanding of what is happening in the world and how they are being affected. 

Teenagers and adults are constantly on their phones, believing and reading all of the information in which media platforms are publishing. There can be a plethora of feedback and effects from the public, at times it can be positive, and at times it can be negative. 

Frequently, when the public reads or views information regarding an event that caused major destruction, the world loses sight of all the good in the world. Instead, they shift their attention to how it negatively impacts the world and community. If a community reaches out during a time of need, it gives people hope for the world in that time of darkness.

Positive news is becoming less and less frequent throughout all media platforms. Instead, it is a constant flow of all of the negative effects and events that are constantly happening throughout the world. 

There is good news and there is bad news, however, only some of it is broadcasted for the people to view. Every day, people are learning less of the good and more of the bad that is happening throughout the world, whether it is the smallest issue or not.