MSD holds veteran luncheon


MSD staff serves lunch to the veterans who came for the annual Veteran Luncheon with their MSD student relatives. Photo by Darian Williams

Isabel White, Section editor

This is not the first time MSD has run the Veterans Luncheon event, previously run by assistant principal Sandi Davis,  Academic Specialist Jeffrey Wasserman asked to host the Veterans Luncheon event this year.

“We’ll have lunch provided, we’ll have the colors be presented by the ROTC, a guest speaker, it’ll just be a nice time for a bunch of veterans connected through our students to come together,” Wasserman said.

There were students and teachers who gave speeches about how much MSD honors and respects the country’s veterans.

“The food is good, the company is good, we’re just sharing stories from our past,” veteran Gregg Walsh said.

This event allows MSD to show its appreciation towards the veterans for what they have done for this country. 

“I think it is very important that we appreciate our veterans and show them that we care about them even if it’s a small, little lunch, it’s something that we can do on our end to show our appreciation and how much we value them for what they have done a long time ago and what they may continue to do,” Wasserman said.

The annual veteran’s luncheon gave veterans the opportunity to come together and enjoy having lunch with their loved ones.