MSD Guidance Department rewards Straight-A students with McDonald’s


Guidance Director Veronica Ziccardi and her department hands out McDonalds meals to students who received Straight A’s first quarter on Friday, Nov. 8. Photo by Darian Williams

Ryen Kowalczyk, Writer

Invitations were given out on Nov. 7 to the students who were eligible for the treat. Guidance counselors were aligned at a table in front of the guidance office signing in students and allowing them to swap their slip for a meal.

The qualified students were given a meal that consisted of a burger of the student’s choice and were given along with their Straight A Certificate of Excellence. 

Two juniors that were rewarded with this treat were Jordan Khayyami and Ashley Moskowitz. 

Khayyami emphasized the importance of time management in earning good grades. 

“My strategies this quarter were effectively time managing and allocating a certain amount of time every day to study and making sure I got my work done every night for the next class and even going ahead a couple class periods,” said Jordan Khayyami.

Like Khayyami, Moskowitz stressed the significance of allotting time each night to complete homework that were not necessarily due the following day. 

“I had to use time management between all my different classes and make sure I had all my work done,” Moskowitz said. 

Many students were grateful for this reward and are looking forward to more opportunities like this from guidance. 

“It was very generous of the school to give us this reward. It helps motivate us to keep our grades up to receive more opportunities like this,” Junior Thomas Velastegui said.

The guidance department plans to continue events like this to encourage the student body to maintain a good GPA

“I think it will help students to incentivize students to maintain straight A’s. I think that students would feel more motivated to get straight A’s because they have an option to get a treat or reward or even a different food and lunch option,” said Karen Marine.