Westminster College review

Westminster College review

Max Rosenthal

Westminster College is a small, secluded private school in north west Pennsylvania located in the center of an amish community. This small liberal arts college is roughly half the size of MSD. In fact, the student-teacher ratio is only 12:1.

My dad and I stumbled upon the campus by accident because our GPS led us in the wrong direction, and we somehow ended up in the parking lot of the admissions office. I looked out the passenger side window and saw this beautiful cathedral covered in white snowflakes. “This place looks like a Norman Rockwell painting” my dad muttered as we walked up the slick white steps to the main office.

We walked into the main office where we met the receptionist; she could tell I was from Florida because of my amazement with the white snow outside. When I entered the office I sprinted straight to the fireplace to warm my hands after walking through the frigid 19 degree weather.

The first step on the tour was in the communications department where we met with the head professor and took a tour of the small building where I sat in the interviewers chair and read a script from an old newscast. We also visited the small radio studio where I sat in the hosts chair and actually was put on live air for a couple minutes.

After the successful interview with the head professor of the communications department we trudged through the snow back to the main building where we waited for our tour guide to arrive. The kind receptionist took note of my curiosity and brought me outside and showed me how to make a snowball.

I walked back into the office as my tour guide walked in, ready to take us around the campus. Out we went into the bitter cold to see all of the cool spots around the campus and what it was like to be a Titan.

I learned all about the extra curricular activities available to a Titan student and about the different sports teams. Although the sports teams are Division 3 and play in common conferences, I had never heard of before. It was intriguing to uncover that this school actually has sports teams for me to root for if I happen to attend the school.

I was also surprised to hear that the winter break for the Titans was longer than any normal college. The reason being is that Westminster College encourages its students to apply for month long internships over the winter vacation. The last stop on the tour was back where we started the tour in the main office.

Back at the main office I saw something incredibly unique: a man in a riding around in his horse and carriage. I felt like I was in the old west and that underscored the uniqueness of this campus. After a three and a half hour visit I left with a new outlook of Westminster College and I learned what it means to be a Titan. I will definitely apply.